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Eye make-up is probably the most versatile of cosmetics, eyeliner in particular can be used for everyday wear, to enhance the size and shape of the eye, or used for evenings, with bold lines and heavy shadows creating a more daring look. There are lots of different colours and styles to choose from, here are a few ideas to make your eyeliner really work for you:

Which eyeliner for which eye colour

Which eyeliner you should select depends on what your usage is going to be, but also should be related to the colour of your eyes. It’s surprising how different shades can really bring out the eye colour.

Best Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Because of the neutral tones found in brown eyes, there’s almost any colour that can work for you. Every-day make up could consist of golden tones or dark reds; evenings could mean a switch to cool greys and blues. Although some of the really light colours may not compliment brown eyes, everything else is likely to work well.

Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Darker colours will make blue eyes stand out, blacks and charcoals are great for nightwear, they’ll make you eyes dazzle. For casual daywear, try deep browns or greens, but make sure you don’t go too light, as this will give your eyes a washed out look.

Best Eyeliner for Green Eyes

In a similar way to blue eyes, stick to dark colours and avoid pale shades. Green eyes are also open to a great range of dark pinks and greys that wouldn’t necessarily work with light blue eyes. In particular, experiment with plums and purples to really make the green sparkle.

Types of eyeliner

Choosing an eyeliner is actually quite fun, it doesn’t have the same kind of mess as selecting a foundation, and you get to play with lots of colour combinations to match your eyes and skin tone. Here are a couple of different types of eyeliner to consider, depending on your budget and cosmetic needs.

Pencil eyeliner

The old favourite. Although pencils aren’t the most modern choice, you can bet that there are hundreds of make-up artists who always keep one handy, for emergencies. They’re not the easiest product to work with – you’re basically drawing on your face with a pencil – but once you get the hang of using one, you’ll be able to create smooth, dramatic lines in a matter of seconds.

Cream pencil eyeliners are usually the wisest option, as they won’t pull on the skin around the eye as much and will glide on easier. Whilst they may have been usurped in the market as the go-to eyeliner, pencils are still popular because they’re simple and cost only a fraction of their more up-to-date counterparts. Bobbi Brown UK does a great line in creamy pencils, for reasonable prices.

Liquid eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is popular with consumers wanting to master a defined look, with perfect lines that really shape the eyes. They’re not easy to use, and things can get a little messy, so it’s best to practice for a while before you debut your look. Boots have lots of shades available for less than five pounds, which makes liquid eyeliner an affordable choice if you want to turn a few heads with some stunning eyes.

Gel eyeliner

A newcomer to the UK market, gel eyeliners are growing in popularity because of their innovative design and wide range of colours. Clinique has a fantastic product that is non-smudging and water resistant, which won’t break the bank. Using a stiff angled brush to apply, simply sweep the gel over the top lid, as close to the lash line as you can, starting from the inside of your eye. It’s not hard to see why gel eyeliners are really taking off, they’re easy to use and create a completely different look to that of pencils or liquids.

Application of eyeliner

Eyeliners are fun to play around with, and with practice you can be well prepared for that big night out. Here are some tips to follow when applying any kind of eyeliner – and some pitfalls to avoid as well:

Lines on the lower lids will enhance dark circles if applied too heavily, so keep it thin or just use eyeliner on the upper lids – this will make your eyes appear large and bright, and will help your face look fresher.

Try to steer clear of severe lines and thick coatings on both lash lines. Too much eyeliner will shrink you eyes, which is the opposite effect to what you’re trying to achieve. Subtle, blended lines will make your eyes sparkle, without appearing small.

Eyeliners can be used to change the shape of the eye, but be careful you don’t overdo it. To make your eyes look bigger than they are, apply eyeliner from the centre of your upper lid and extend the line just past the end of the eye.

Smudging doesn’t sound all that desirable, but eyeliners are great for getting a smoky, sultry look when used correctly. After you’ve applied the liner, use your fingertips to blend the edge of the eye into a soft line, resulting in a perfect evening look.