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Adding face powder is a fantastic touch to keep all your make-up in place, and to keep any excess moisture at bay. It’s probably the easiest cosmetics product to apply so it’s sometimes overlooked, but it’s worth remembering that the little things can really change the big picture. There are two basic types of powder to purchase;

Pressed face powder

As its name suggests, this powder is pressed into a compact and you use a soft pad to apply it. Powder compacts are great if you need to take your make-up on the road, and a good quality one will last you a while. Estee Lauder has a luxury pressed face powder, that’s known to give a fresh, radiant, result, whilst keeping your make-up firmly in place.

Loose face powder

This product is ideal for wearers who have slightly oilier skin, it will soak up the moisture and prevent your face looking shiney. It’s much more lightweight than pressed powder, so it’s also good for people who don’t like feeling like they have too much make-up caked on. Use a large powder brush to apply it, but remember to shake off the excess of it could look uneven. Bobbi Browns UK sell a translucent loose face powder compact that’s not too expensive and will do the job.

How to apply face powder

Whichever powder you go for, there’s a simple process for applying it that will leave you with a smooth, long-lasting, natural look.

For pressed powder, simply dab the powder puff into the product and apply to the face – starting with the forehead. Using downward strokes, add to cheeks, chin and nose, until the face is covered. Apply a small amount to the jawline and neck, and make sure that all areas are well blended, smudges and lines are to be avoided.

For loose powder, you need to apply to your face just before the foundation has dried, in order for it to stay in place. Take a large, soft bristled brush and dab gently into the compact, tap it to shake off any excess powder. In the same way as pressed powder, use a downward stroke and start at the top of your forehead. If you have dry skin, try not to use too much powder, as it will soak up the moisture and make the problem worse.

Face Powder Tips

Although facepowder isn’t as obvious as most other beauty products, there are still some important factors to consider when using it:
1.Match the powder to your natural skin tone. If you don’t do this, all your other make-up will have gone to waste, the only thing anyone will notice is the different colours on your face.

2.If you can, go for translucent powder, it has the same effect as coloured powder, without weighing down the face.

3.Apply powder after foundation but before eye make-up, it’s part of your base and it’s important you don’t miss any areas.

4.Don’t apply powder in large amounts. This particularly applies to underneath the eyes and along the jaw line, powder can gather in lines and make them appear more prominent if you’re not careful. Go easy with it and don’t forget to blend!